Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Palestine-Israel ONE STATE-binational solution

It's controversial to proclaim that the answer to the conflict in Palestine is to create ONE STATE. Since 1947, the invaders have attempted to split the holy land into two states. One plan was drawn up to look like a quilt of settlements, now Palestine is so cut up that Palestinians in Gaza cannot reach the West Bank. The wall is not only demeaning and reminiscent of World War II, it is a sign of such unequal control of land that creates a psyche of fear on both sides of the fence.

The only way for all people of Palestine to have equality is to have ONE STATE. A state without illegal walls surrounding neighborhoods to keep people in. Currently, native people are not given equal pay for the work they do in Israel, they (native people) have considerable little freedom to move around, receive political anonymity, or have basic human rights due to the Israelis.

Having One State where people can actually live democratically with human rights, freedom of politics, human dignity, and right to practice their religion is what all modern nations are shooting for. Why won't the world pressure Israel to accept One State where all are allowed to vote? One State where all are allowed equal pay for equal work? One State where all can live in dignity?
Clearly, Israelis do not want to share political control with the native people. Demographics show that Israelis are having fewer children than their Palestinian counterparts. Within a few generations the voting population of the One State would be majority Palestinian. Of course, though, Israel would never allow Palestinians the right to vote or form political parties in the Holy Land for fear the their nasty right-wing Likud party would be thrown from the rings of control.
A One State deal would show the world how truly nasty Israeli Zionism is and how fearful they are of their shaky culture.

Some will say that if there is a binational state that with in time it will be similar to the former Yugoslav republic as there would be much fragmentation, ethnic cleansing, and that an apartheid like regime would become evident.
All those hypothesis are considerable fear mongering. Of course violence will happen if one group of people oppress another group of people or attempt to murder them.
One nation state is the only state that would be fair to the native people of the Holy Land.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Disporportionate murder

We won't know how many have truly lost their lives in Gaza for a probably a week if not longer. What we do know from history is that the life of an Arab Palestinian is not worth very much. One statistician claims that 1 Israeli life is worth 450 Arab and Palestinians. during this last war it came out to be 1 Israeli life for 100 Gazans. In just 21 days we know that at least 1300 Muslims in Palestine are dead.

It's a sad day for all who can reflect on our brothers and sisters lost lives. But as Maulana Jelaluddin Balkhi Rumi said that the day that we pass from this dunya is really our wedding day to Allah swt. It's our return to the real life. This concept is the only relief that one can take when contemplating the major loss of life. By that knowledge of an awliya we can take that when we pass we are going somewhere better and for those left behind, knowledge that the one who passed is celebrating with the Creator.